Vintage Style Engagement Rings Vs Classic Engagement Rings: Which To Buy And Why


There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing that all important engagement ring but there is a right choice for you. An engagement ring is an investment purchase and therefore it should reflect your own personal style and speak to you as an extension of your personality. An engagement ring is just as much a matter of personal choice as your wedding dress is, only maybe more so, you only have to wear your wedding dress once whereas your ring is for life! Not a decision to take lightly for sure, so here’s everything you need to know about the differences between vintage and classic styles and which one you might be better suited for.


What To Expect From A Quality Vintage Style Ring

With a quality vintage style ring, you should expect an elaborate design that is in keeping with the time period it is inspired by. Vintage style engagement rings take inspiration from many eras gone by including the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods. Many feature intricate designs in the metal work and the stone placements as well as elements of scrolls, milgrain and filigree, details that we have come to love from previous time periods. It’s important to remember that vintage style engagement rings are not necessarily replicas of antique rings but instead embody the inspirational time period. A quality vintage style engagement ring provides all the style and aesthetics of your chosen time period with guaranteed quality assurance.


What To Expect From A Quality Classic Style Ring

A quality classic style engagement ring should have a more classic and timeless style that never goes out of fashion. They feature neither overt traditional methods nor minimalist modernity, instead providing a balance between the two. Some of the most popular classic styles feature a princess cut diamond or a round diamond solitaire that allows the centre stone to take all of the glory without being distracted by other details or decorative setting stones.


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Vintage Style Ring?

If you’re simply in love with the Victorian era, you’ll be able to choose from any number of exciting Victorian inspired rings that will suit your personality and taste perfectly. Vintage style rings tend to be more unique and distinctive than classic rings and can be tailored more closely to the time period you adore. However, this can be a negative. Perhaps you’re in love with the Edwardian style now but will you still be so enthralled by it in five or fifty years? Such an elaborate ring might seem like the perfect choice for you for your wedding day but will it still reflect your style in years to come and will it still be the right ring to wear on casual Sundays? Furthermore, vintage style rings, just like any piece of jewelry that is personal and precious to you, can still be passed down to future generations, allowing the legacy of your marriage and love to live on. There is something very special about handing down an engagement ring to another couple you love, perhaps to a daughter or a niece, a symbol of hope that their marriage will be as full of love and grace as yours is. Vintage style engagement rings, as personal as they are unique, are also show stoppers and will turn heads for all the right reasons. They are a true statement of style and your distinctive fashion taste, they crave attention and we can’t blame them, they are simply too beautiful to not remark upon.


Another advantage of vintage style rings are that they are the rings of choice for many celebrities and style icons. If you consider yourself a true fashionista, leading from the front on what’s trending, you couldn’t choose better than vintage. If it’s good enough for Scarlett Johannson well, enough said!


Since vintage style rings are more complex in style and nature, extra care will need to be taken to keep your sparkling diamond in tip top shape. They are harder to clean than less stylized rings but to us that only makes them even more special.


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Classic Ring?

A quality classic style ring will look just as elegant on your finger today as it will tomorrow and forty years from now. That’s what classic style is all about. Standing the test of time, classic style engagement rings don’t follow trends of the moment, making them perfect for women who choose a timeless style in their other fashion choices.


This does mean that there are fewer decisions to make with regards to design however you can still choose the diamond shape that speaks to you. Emerald, pear or heart shaped diamonds are a great option for people who want a touch of customisation in their ring while still keeping the overall design a classic.


Choosing a classic style ring can work to your advantage by allowing it to slot in neatly with your existing jewelry pieces. Since the band on a classic ring is often kept simple, it’s important to really consider the metal. Take a look at the jewelry you wear most often, is it mostly yellow gold, white gold or platinum that are your go to pieces? Rose gold has become popular for classic style engagement rings recently as well as bands with more than one shade of gold which could be a good compromise between classic with a modern twist.


Still Can’t Decide Which Is Right For You?

The good news is, you don’t have to! Why not choose a ring that propels both aesthetics into one? If you love the intricate nature of a vintage ring but don’t want one that’s too much of a statement or you love the classic style but want some more bling for your bucks, try a classic engagement ring that retains some elaborate features while still fulfilling the classic style. There are many options for classic rings with a hint of vintage so you can have the best of both. Some of the most popular of these styles of rings include modern elements such as a halo or split and twisted shanks. If you want your choice of precious stones to be more of a feature than the metal aspects of your engagement ring, try a French cut setting. With this style of setting, you’ll achieve a more intense shine from the diamonds, particularly from the centre stone but also from the gem encrusted band, allowing your stones to really take centre stage.


If that seems a little too much for your taste, opting for a more simplistic band with diamonds on the inner face could be the perfect choice for you. This is the perfect middle ground when searching for a ring that blends classic and modernity. By keeping the metal of the band relatively minimalist, you’ll achieve that coveted classic design, while the inner face diamonds add subtle sparkle that is demure yet striking.


Finally, if you love delicate features, crescent details on an all metal band is another great way to modernise a classic style. Crescents create a lace effect which draws the eye towards the prominent centre stone without taking away from it. They work best when placed on the inner face as the soft open arcs of the crescents allow the centre stone to really shine.




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