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Engagement rings have been part of global culture and tradition from the early days. When it comes to the design of this piece of jewelry, what better encapsulates the feelings than nature itself? Nature-inspired engagement rings pull inspiration from the natural world, be it the flowers, vines, and leaves or the waves and clouds. These rings manifest the wild romantic characteristics of the world around you, perfect for someone who wants to capture this sentiment for their engagement. It’s the ideal ring for someone who loves the outdoors and the romanticism attached to nature.


Nature-inspired engagement rings are not a new trend; these rings have been around for quite a while now. Many vintage rings you will encounter from the 18th century have the same characteristics. Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau eras brought nature-inspired rings and jewelry to the forefront.

Flower inspired engagement ring in yellow gold

 History of Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

Victorian period style engagement rings

Victorian engagement rings often included diamonds with yellow or rose gold metal. The most popular motifs used during the Victorian period were hearts, birds, bows, and snakes. Snake motifs for rings are a symbol of eternal and infinite love. A double twisted band swan-inspired pave set engagement ring at Gemvy is a perfect example of a Victorian-inspired engagement ring would be. The incorporation of nature in engagement rings did not just stop in this era; it was more creatively developed in the Edwardian era.

Edwardian period style engagement rings

Floral motifs heavily influenced the engagement rings from the Edwardian period. Unlike the preceding era, the Edwardian engagement rings were ornate and intricate and were generally platinum.  This era also introduced openwork filigree techniques. Edwardian period-style rings will be perfect if you gravitate toward intricate, lacy designs. This unique pattern woven band with an elegant diamond pave at Gemvy incorporates the best of the vintage Edwardian style rings.

Art Nouveau style engagement rings

During the early 19th century, the romantic movement had taken quite a hold, and with that came art nouveau. Poets like Wordsworth contributed to the widespread interest in botany and nature, giving way to a more extravagant composition of foliage. Art Nouveau style engagement rings are characterized by soft, curved shapes and lines and feature flowers, birds, and animal motifs. Art nouveau was particularly popular in France, where it first originated. This era also brought about the use of flowers never seen in jewelry, like water lilies and fuchsias. Gemvy’s Butterfly Princess-  Art Nouveau diamond ring perfectly encapsulates this nature-inspired style.


If you are leaning toward a more modern nature-inspired engagement ring, you can start by learning more about the popular motifs in this ring style. This guide will help you delve into the variety of flora and fauna elements characteristic of nature-inspired engagement rings.

Flower, Leaf, and Vine Inspired rings


As mentioned before, botanical forms inspire nature-inspired engagement rings. They feature designs that resemble flowers, vines, leaves, and branches. The most popular motif you will find while shopping for nature-inspired engagement rings is flowers. Flowers’ delicate nature is symbolic of romance, making flower-inspired engagement rings an ideal choice.


Flower inspired engagement rings


Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, flowers have carried sentiment and meaning throughout history. For example, in the Victorian era, couples assigned secret love meanings to different flower rings, a sunflower would represent adoration, and a tulip would be a declaration of love. Because flowers are packed with romantic symbolism, it’s no wonder they make the perfect inspiration for engagement rings.

This motif can be beautifully incorporated into your dream engagement ring through many colored gemstones and diamond shapes. The most common setting for floral motif rings is floral halo rings and cluster diamond settings.

  1. Floral Halo Engagement Rings;

The Floral halo ring is like a flower, with the center stone being the pistil and the halo being the petals. Gemvy ‘s Unique Band Designer Engagement Ring With Exquisite Floral Halo is a perfect example of a flower-inspired engagement ring. This feminine-style ring is graceful, romantic, and timeless in style.


  1. Cluster ring settings

Cluster ring settings are another popular way to showcase floral motifs. Smaller diamonds are set closely together in a cluster setting to resemble a larger diamond. Some cluster rings contain a large center stone. Together they form a unique design like a flower.

You can also incorporate floral patterns in the ring band through filigree, which can feature a beautiful hand-carved flower pattern into your engagement ring.


Leaves, Branches, and Vine inspired engagement rings


Another floral motif common in nature-inspired engagement rings is that of leaves, branches, and vines. Branches and trees represent the eternal growing life to illustrate your magnificent love. Leaves similarly hold several meanings; they symbolize fertility, growth, renewal, and revival. The delicate soft curves of leaves have made leaf-inspired engagement rings one of the most popular motifs in nature-inspired engagement rings.


  1. Vine inspired Engagement rings

Vine-inspired Engagement rings represent relationships and their eternal nature by taking inspiration from nature with inspiration from intertwining branches and vines. The twisted shank setting style is popularly used to represent the vines; Gemvy’s Romantic Antique Style Floral Unique Vine Inspired Engagement ring is a bold and elegant nature-inspired ring. It not only brings in vintage elements from the Edwardian period but will stand apart for its masterful craftsmanship.

  1. Leaf Inspired Engagement Rings

The leaf motif is popular in engagement rings, especially accent diamonds or gemstones.  Center stones accentuated by leaves create an enchanting nature-inspired engagement ring. Marquise-cut emerald leaves are the perfect setting for a round or oval center stone. Gemvy has several leaf and vine-inspired engagement rings; one that stands out is a Nature Inspired Engagement Ring with Autumn Leaves.

  1. Split Shank Engagement Rings

Engagement rings feature split shanks intertwining to form enfolding leaves and branches. Some bezel accents can also elevate a garden trellis design of a nature-inspired engagement ring. Filigree Engagement Rings

Filigree can also be used to create the texture and intricate patterns of leaves and branches intertwining to represent your ever-growing love and commitment.




Botany is not the only place nature-inspired engagement rings draw from. Wildlife has had a notable influence on design; whether you or your partner have a particular affinity for animals, you can express your emotions through fauna-inspired engagement rings. You will encounter nature-inspired engagement rings based on various creatures like fish, birds, and even hedgehogs. Insects such as butterflies (butterfly-inspired engagement Rings), Swans (swan-inspired engagement rings), and dragonflies, have also become common motifs in nature-inspired rings. An additional source of inspiration for your engagement ring could come from mythical creatures like dragons, fairies, and phoenixes. Or from natural elements like clouds, water, or fire. These fauna-inspired engagement rings are perfect if you gravitate toward the unconventional.


Nature-inspired Engagement rings often feature filigree and hand engravings. A hand-engraved band can achieve organic and floral motifs. Filigree, using metal cuts, can feature intricate scenic terrains, like mountain ranges and other natural forms to truly create an elegant and one-of-a-kind engagement ring.


Nature-inspired engagement rings can be designed to true-to-life interpretations or even give a more subtle nod to your favorite animal by creating texture. Various finishes such as pebbled and hammered metal added to engagement ring bands resemble natural textures or animals.


The Art Nouveau movement brought a new life to be animalistic and floral motifs. There was a shift from identical and mass-produced engagement rings; like today, people wanted something different from the conventional to symbolize their love and adoration. Gemvy, apart from carrying the classics, also has several art nouveau nature-inspired rings, showcasing the unique and elegant portrayal of flora and fauna. The Art Nouveau Swan Inspired Rope Pattern 3-Stone Round Ring,  brings forth the use of a swan motif, creating a grand declaration of love and romance.


Other sources of inspiration

Nature-inspired engagement rings are truly unique and have a whimsical charm to them. They are a sweet and romantic symbol to start your journey as a couple. Nature-inspired Rings also allow for greater customization. Your interpretations of the natural elements can create a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Apart from the settings and motifs, nature-inspired rings also give you the freedom to be more creative with stones, metals, and stone shapes.  


  1. Stones

While diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings, nature-inspired engagement rings provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with gemstones in other colors. Stones like emeralds, topaz, and rubies can create a magnificent effect of foliage drawing from the rich tapestry of the natural world.

  1. Shapes

Round cut diamonds tend to be the most popularly used in floral engagement rings as they bare a close resemblance to the center of a flower. However, you can use any shape to create a unique nature-inspired engagement ring. For example, a marquise-shaped stone can illustrate the delicate nature of leaves. You can even incorporate the use of rough-cut stones. That can evoke the raw beauty of the natural world.

  1. Metals

When deciding on the metal for your nature-inspired ring, the possibilities are endless, as the stones and shapes. Each metal brings forth a particular style that adds to the beauty of nature-inspired engagement rings.

  1. Gold

Yellow gold engagement rings were popular during the Victorian age. The metal radiates warmth and can undoubtedly create an unmatched elegance when molded into a leaf or flower. A gold engagement ring pairs exceptionally well with colored gemstones like a blue sapphire or green emerald. Together they illustrate the natural forces, such as the sun and flora.

  1. Rose Gold

Is another unique choice of metal, which is popularly used in nature-inspired engagement rings. The color is not only reminiscent of roses, but it is a recognized symbol of love. Rose gold engagement rings or even yellow gold engagement rings are sure to be the favorites for vintage lovers.

  1. Platinum

Platinum or a silver-colored metal is a stylish and elegant choice. During the Edwardian and later Art Nouveau movement, platinum was solely used to represent natural patterns. This cool-toned metal has been a favorite of many generations and looks equally stunning in a nature-inspired engagement ring.


Selecting the perfect ring to symbolize your love is never easy. However, if you are looking for a unique and untraditional ring to declare your love with, Nature-inspired engagement rings would be perfect. If you and your partner love the outdoors, a nature-inspired ring can represent the shared love you have. Nature-inspired engagement rings encapsulate romance and myth, the ethereal and organic character of these rings is sure to leave a stunning effect.


Why should you choose a nature-inspired engagement ring?



  1. Apart from nature-inspired engagement rings is unique and unconventional. They allow for masterful craftsmanship, creating an heirloom that can be passed down to the next generation.
  2. You can interpret your love for the natural world in the engagement ring in so many ways that it will genuinely be very personal to you.
  3. Some nature-inspired engagement ring settings can also provide a lower-cost option. For example, the size of the diamond can be smaller since the focus is on the setting.
  4. Nature-inspired rings are not a trend; what captures the romance and love more beautiful than nature?



However, despite the many advantages of a nature-inspired engagement ring, there are always a few things to consider:

  1. Due to their intricate patterns and designs, nature-inspired rings can be difficult to maintain and may require frequent cleaning. The smaller diamonds or stones can also become loose.
  2. Nature-inspired engagement rings also require skill; the filigree or even hand carvings can be challenging to acquire and expensive.
  3. Also, because nature-inspired rings allow for various interpretations of the natural world, your perfect ring might need to be custom-made. For this, you will require a skilled and reputable company.
  4. Lastly, unlike classic rings, nature-inspired engagement rings are unique and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So before deciding on this type of ring, make sure you know your partner’s preference.


Where can you buy Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings?


Nature-inspired engagement rings aren’t as easy to find as the classical solitaire or pave settings. There are still quite a few options out there. Some highly reputable companies have nature-inspired engagement rings custom-made locally. If you’re looking for something online, companies like Gemvy also carry a great range of ready-made products that can be customized according to your preference. Gemvy allows customers to choose the metal and the type of stone, from natural diamonds to lab-grown.


Finding the perfect engagement ring is a challenge; however, with a bit of research, you can find the one that truly embodies your love.



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